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  1. Transcend Everything Reply

    Hi, thanks for replying. I am familiar with your views as I’ve read them on other sites. I actually think it’s very dificult to have a conversation about the relationship between sexuality/fetishism and gender identity because I believe we haven’t recovered from the represion and oppresion of previous centuries. I don’t think we have the right vocabulary to even talk or think about sexuality. Hopefully you’ve read my thought experiment ‘Trans doomesday’ in which it is proven that much gender variance is in fact sexually motivated. As you can see from my conclusion, I believe that even if gender change aspiration was proven to come down to a fetish it would not make any difference because there is no such thing as a fetish. It is an entirely meaningless word. Well, not meaningless… but like ‘flat earth’ or ‘phrenology’ it will be one day looked on as this odd concept from the infancy of sexology.

  2. Sound obvious that wanting to change his sex has a link with sexuality as trans people use their sex like non trans people for sexual pleasure.

    I don’t tell that sexuality is the main reason but it plays a role for sure.

    People are just too manipulated by stupid religious lies and social rigid rules to even understand that there is something sexual in their actions !

  3. It’s awesome that you guys have put this site up, We wear a pair of shoes most people wouldn’t be able to last a mile in, I have been a wannabe since before my balls dropped, but being that I’m massive I can’t see a happy ending by going through with it. I really find your page on the glamourpus helpful.

    • Transcend Everything Reply

      Hi Emma… thanks for the feedback. I’m sure many visitors to this site would relate to your comment.

    • Very informative site! So glad I found it. I still have questions though…………..

  4. Your podcast is amazing… I think you’ve done a superb job in the first few episodes. I saw a new one pop up one day, but disappeared before I could listen to it. What’s going on?

    Please crank a few more out soon. I think if the word gets out it will be very valuable for many listeners.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Transcend Everything Reply

      Well done for spotting that. The rapid delete was caused by a raging debate at HQ which continues to this day. No more podcasts right now cos we are full on exploring the outer limits. Love xxxxx

      • Sounds naughty although it was an awesome show… At least it seemed like it when I was a kid. I hope the rage cools down at HQ and you’ll be back in the studio with some more bird noises soon. The alternative is the gay sexologist, or was that the gay-sexologist? Namaste!

    • Transcend Everything Reply

      Sorry… they are from the e-books and have to be bought. But if you’re a student or unemployed then tell me and I’ll send you them.

  5. This site has been extremely helpful to me in terms of ridding myself of guilt and shame. Thank you for you work. I’ve bought a couple of your e-books and devoured them. My question is, one of the articles on the site requires a password, but I see no mention of how to obtain said password.

    • Transcend Everything Reply

      Thanks Taylor.

      Nothing to do. They’re just articles from the e-books. Felix will publish his new book in March which is a more detailed look at creating life plans and gender plans.


  6. Ian Elliott Reply

    I ordered the four books advertised on your web page, by Felix Conrad et al., but was unable to open the downloads. I have been trying to get PayPal to back out my order, but they are incredible idiots. For instance, they insist on communicating with me in Norwegian even though my account specifies English. I really want to read your books, so if you can tweak your labyrinthine system to expedite this, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I want my money back!

    • Transcend Everything Reply

      Hello. I will write to you from a gmail account. Check your junk mail in case!

  7. Hello! I got my code word but haven’t heard back in awhile and dying to get started! Would love to hear back please 🥰

  8. Nicky McCatty Reply

    Your girls certainly are beautiful and provocative. I’m looking forward to seeing many more (not to mention running into one IRL…). I have a request/suggestion: More curls, more pigment. You certainly have enough curves.

    Best of luck, stay healthy & safe, and please send me one of your angels — or two of your devils — for Chanuka.

    Ciao ciao & kisses,

  9. Forestwalker Burch Reply

    I was hoping to get some help, you see I’m high functioning autistic and I’m a woman trapped in a mans body can you help me?also help me get out there and meet some clients?

  10. sissy sarah Reply

    If you want to start a transition path to become a Bimbo girl,
    What and how should I do? I am aware that I will have to take feminizing hormones and would like to become a Bimbo girl in all respects.
    Thank you in advance and await a response to my email or here

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