Unified transgender theory rejects all questioning of whether you should transition or not. For us, there is no debate: if you didn’t want to transition then you wouldn’t be transgender, so… of course you should transition…

…In principle.

Unfortunately, there are three problems.

  1. ‘Transition’ at this current point in medical science does not offer the results which some  transgender people need. The consequence of this imperfect treatment is that for some it doesn’t work. The definition of it doesn’t work is that you end up unhappier than when you were presenting as male.
  2. Also, the fact is… you were socialised as a male… and though you’re trapped in the wrong body, you might have some Stockholm syndrome going on. It’s not enough to have the burning passion inside; male socialisation may mean that although it’s far from a perfect life, you are happier, long term, presenting as male.
  3. Man is not an island. You have a family and a spouse/boy or girlfriend/partner. If your transition permanently upsets these relationships then you might want to think again.

As you can see from the above, the question of transitioning or not is a series of practical, logistical questions as to whether you can overcome the complications of contemporary transition, and be happy.

This emphasis on the practical is important, because traditionally, a lot of transition evaluation has been based on a mysterious female essence. The unspoken theory is that there’s some kind of female-ometer inside and if your readings are high enough you should transition. We say… forget all the soul searching about whether you were supposed to transition or not. Of course, you were. However, you were meant for total transition, and given that total transition is not available, you have to know if what’s on offer will definitely make you happier than you are now.

The following exercise examines the practicalities of transition in detail therefore, and how they might affect your life. It is aimed at male to female transgender people and offers no definitive answers. It is simply a tool to help you see the issues involved.

Some people have commented that the test is too negative ie. it focuses too much on why you shouldn’t transition. However,  this test was created on the basis that all transgender people should, in an ideal world, transition: by definition, if you are transgender… you will be happier living outwardly in your authentic gender. Therefore, as the benefits of transition are a given… the only thing you need to know about are those factors in the un-ideal world which interfere with a happy transition.

Finally, this is intended as a community project. We actively seek input to improve this test so please leave your comments whenever you feel strongly about something. Every week the test will be modified according to your feedback. We recognise it is grossly imperfect… help us improve it.

Should I transition? – Family

Should I transition?


…you should.

…In the ideal world.

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  1. I don’t think the above arguments against transition had a lot of validity in my case, but I also think I might be the extreme exception. Of those 3 above, probably the last one has been the most applicable, but even that one hasn’t stopped me. First of all, it helps to have the right view of womanhood. If you see women as strong, powerful, independent, that can also exude sexuality at the same time, then manhood will offer fewer perks. It also helps to be incredibly shallow and to have a fair amount of audacity. If you are utterly unconcerned about what people think, it becomes much easier. In my case, I even thrive a little on the rebellious aspects of it. That all helps.

  2. Of course it is accepted that the “test” is to be taken for informative use only, and not as some proof otherwise as to what one should decide. With that as a given, I would suggest a couple of “tweaks.” For one, the “you should not transition because…” part is less innocent than it was likely meant to be. To say “unresolved mental health problems”… I imagine generalized anxiety disorder, clinical depression, co-morbidities, etc. These very “diagnosable” and serious mental health “problems” could exist, but are way too often used to deflect the NON mental health problem of being transgender! I, for one, am not going to take anti depression/ anxiety, or other psychologically altering drugs to “test” whether that will “treat” my gender issues.
    The other suggestion would be a bit more difficult to fix, but it is typical of nearly all multi-answer tests; Sometimes answering A, B, or C is not quite right. It would be impossible to build a test where everyone could answer completely perfect to their life, but a few of the questions leave room for a D it would seem.
    Overall, I love how you think, please keep doing what you do so well!

    • Transcend Everything Reply

      Thanks so much. You’re so right…I just need to get round to changing it…


  3. Ian Elliott Reply

    Your questionnaire crapped out on me before I could answer the last question.

  4. Nobody logical would transition.

    But pool do much more less logical things, without a test : smoking (sometimes for 40 years !), drinking, having kids…spending all their life in a stupid job that brings them barely enough to eat !

    So transition sounds less crazy and healthier than these things !

    • Hmm let me see… ok…

      Smoking (not for 40 years, but for 30, and counting)… check ✅

      Drinking… well, does half a (small) glass of wine (for medicinal purposes,of course) every day count?… oh, all right, check ✅

      Having kids… nope! Just two cats! Much lower maintenance and they heat your feet in your bed during winter. So, no ❎

      Spending all my life in a stupid job… well… yes, until I got too depressed and literally lost the ability to work… check ✅

      Having barely enough to eat… uh, sometimes that happens indeed… if I didn’t spend so much in makeup and other futile things… so, yes, check ✅

      So, 4 out of 5. I guess I’m a pretty illogical person then. Should I transition? ???

  5. In all honesty most tests are not true to there words and should be taken lightly..With that said if you feel deep down in your soul and in your heart and your mind then yes of course you should transition,but…Transitioning can be a slippery slope ,especially if you are married,kids,gf,bf whathaveyou..Me I am single and sincerely wish to be transitioned into a female and have felt I should’ve been at the point of no return by now..Sincerely I would give up my life and all I own here to become a female,and a slutty one at that,lol..I would never nor could I ever tell my family any of this,I would just simply disappear and go “my own way”..Which I think I deserve after so many years of being a yucky male..

    • You nailed it that is exactly what I want,what I’d have to do, and what I’ve tried talking my self into but my 13 year old son keeps me here. God I want that yuky thing between my legs gone so badly.

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