Good Choice

CONTROL: Congratulations, you looked at the instagram post and saw in her comment that she was exhausted.
CONTROL: Harriet continues sleeping.CONTROL: Our scanners have just found a photo of Harriet from last week’s New York Times style section. Remember to observe all media in intense detail.

Obviously it will be impossible for you to be vigilant the whole time Agent 21 is asleep. Fortunately, though, you can use our link to Dagia to enter trans-dimensional hyper-sleep.

For you, a micro second of unconsciousness will pass; but that micro second will sync with agent 21’s timeline. Consequently, she’ll be waking up when you return to consciousness

We have already established a hyper-sleep portal. Instructions below…


Major Hakim, I should warn you that the instructions for using the portal are simple. However, if you don’t follow them exactly, the consequences could be catastrophic.

  1. Stare at the graphic above. Be sure to stare at the dead center of the trans-dimensional tunnel. Whatever you do, do not stare at the sides or anything else except the center.
  2. Once you have fixed on the center, countdown from ten and then press the launch button.