Bimbofication hypnosis is an audio file which uses the principles of hypnosis to lure you and brainwash you into accepting the tenets of bimbofication: that what you need to make you happy is big boobs, big lips etc. Then, supposedly, you act upon them.

While some subjects claim to have been genuinely hypnotized by such files, you’d have to be very weak-minded to start growing boobs after a few audio files (mind you, sissies are remarkably fluffy in their thinking;)

That’s why the latest technique from The Sissy Farm uses a different approach: cognitive therapy. Instead of trying to lure you into bimbofication by repetition, these files present the argument as to why bimbofication is what you need.

I should stress that this is an early stage of experimentation and might be a little rough around the edges. Try these samples. If you want to explore further, then you will have to reach level 2 of their training program. (Level 1 is in our shop)

As I said, you will have to reach level 2 of their training program for the full audios. (Level 1 is in our shop)

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