3. A question of trust

“I’m sorry to just appear like this, but I was so excited to meet you. I’m Layla.”

“Is this one of those prank YouTube videos? Come on… you’re not my sister.”

She smiles; but there’s an assertiveness in her tone and body language.

“I can’t explain now, but meet me tonight at the restaurant opposite and I’ll explain all. 8PM.” She kisses you.  “And don’t tell anyone. It’s super important. No one at all.”

She goes.

1. Start calling  family members to ask if they know about Layla.


Come on, it’s just basic security. You have no idea who this girl is, and maybe this is all part of some elaborate scam or God knows what.

And why do you owe confidentiality to someone who you don’t know?

2. Respect Layla’s request for secrecy. 


You feel powerfully drawn to Layla, and even though you know it’s irrational… you don’t want to break her trust.