Your true identity is…

Remember: Genetic engineering means that citizens of the Northern Alliance age slowly and appear beautiful to 21st century eyes.

Therefore, what appears youthful/beautiful is simply a typical citizen in her late twenties or thirties.

Also, despite their slender frame, muscle mass is engineered to be much denser, more supple and more powerful in the 23rd century.

Welcome to Mission HQ

“Beloved and esteemed citizen,

There are many things you need to know! The first is that the words on this page are not fiction, journalism or blogging; they are a direct message to you and the other 499 people like you on this earth.

You should also know that these words were written by what you would call ‘artificial intelligence’ (…but I’ll give you a heads up: I find that term offensive).

Presently, I will explain why I calculated that this page, this time, this medium, had the highest probability of leading to successful contact; but for the time being – just listen to what I have to tell you if you want to know the truth about who you are. Or to be more precise…who you’re not, because strange as this may sound…

…you are not who you are supposed to be…”

(Click on the image below to unlock file1 : Mission Briefing.)