I believe in Universal Transgender Theory. This theory states that a large number of groups who have previously been thought of as somehow different – early onset transsexuals, crossdreamers, late onset transsexuals etc…- are all, fundamentally the same. They’re transgender – and the cause of their gender variance is the same in all cases:  a gender core that does not match their body. All that differs is the degree to which they identify with their gender core, and the degree of success society’s had in socialising them to their assigned gender.

A so called ‘autogynephiliac’ who identifies with his assigned gender has succeeded – prompted by everyone from his parents to his peers – in overriding his instinct towards female identification. However, he is still fundamentally transgender because his gender core doesn’t match his body. And if you don’t believe this… then explain the phenomenon known as ‘late onset transsexualism’… where an autogynephiliac man with no history of gender issues… who never previously identified as a woman… suddenly has a gender identity crisis in his fifties and identifies as a woman.

You see, although the public are accustomed to stories of transsexuals who always knew they were transsexual… we in the transgender community, know that they are only half the story. Many of those who have a gender identity crisis have a long history of identifying as their assigned gender. They are there… essentially being men… having children… and there is nothing unusual about them except for one thing: they engage in so called ‘cross gender arousal.’ Apart from this they are like other men and are quite happy being men… until one day, they’re not; then they have a massive gender crisis and start identifying as female just as strong as their ‘early onset’ counterparts.

Now tell me… how in God’s name is that possible unless they were transgender… but had been socialised away from their transgender instincts? Their so called ‘femephilia’ was a remnant of their transgender nature.

You see, think how easy it is to socialise a transgender infant. Out of pure instinct the kid presents himself to his parents dressed as a girl (this is a common experience of crossdreamers’…). The parents tell him that this is not appropriate because he is a ‘boy’. The nature of a child is not to seek difference but to ‘fit in’ and this is even more pronounced with their peers. Therefore, think of the infant logic…

  •         Mummy says I’m a boy
  •         Teacher calls me a boy
  •         Other kids call me a boy
  •         I have short hair and willy of a boy
  •         Ipso facto logicus… I’m a fucking boy!

I would bet – though we will never know – that at that ipso factus logicus moment – there is literally a part of the brain that gets coloured in and a sticker put on it that says ‘boy’. He has now self-identified as a boy, so to his concious mind he is… a boy. However, there is one part of a human that no amount of socialisation can erase. Society can make you feel guilty about it… you can feel guilty about it… but sexuality and reproduction are too important for the species to permit a program rewrite. As we have seen with the gay community… if you love men you love men and no amount of electric shocks, injections, therapies and prejudice can change that.

This is exactly the same for our transgender kid. He has successfully identified as a boy and is living as such… but when it comes to his sexuality no amount of socialisation can remove his female instinct. Yes, he will be able to have sex with women, yes, he may be attracted to women… but if he is on his own… fantasising… he will never fantasise about having a penis and penetrating women… he will always fantasise in some way, shape or form… as female. It’s true that it comes through all sorts of filters and that this desire will chanell itself in some unusual ways… but I repeat… there is a mass of male socialisation and biology which it has to pass through.

So, if a man, who identifies as a man, always imagines himself as a woman in his sexual fantasies… then we can say that in one sense, he is crossing gender. But in another he is not… because he was born with a female gender core and might well identify as female later on in life as many ‘autogynephiliacs’ do (once repression and socialisation have been eroded.)

Another weakness in trying to describe the autogynephiliac as male, is that at that moment…during the fantasy…he is identifying as female. Contemporary gender theory says that how you identify is your gender… therefore, in that moment, he is female. If he is not identifying as a female… ie. he is fantasising about being a man in a dress… then he is not crossing gender in any sense…he is having a fantasy about being a man in a dress. You may say that his female identification doesn’t count because it’s only occurring when he has sex… or that it’s ‘just sex’; however, there is no such thing as ‘just sex’. If there was… then there would be no gay culture, gay marriage or gay neighbourhoods, because all ‘gay’ would mean was that you stuck your willy in another man’s bottom and the second you climax the whole gay thing is finished… until the next time your willy is in a man’s bottom.


As well as the fact that sexuality is a core part of the self, we humanoids are either thinking about or engaging in sexual activity constantly. It is a significant amount of time that an ‘autogynephiliac’ spends identifying as female and I don’t think you can downplay that – just because, in his non horny moments, he identifies as male.

It is my opinion therefore, that while it’s obvious that a blatantly transgender person does not engage in ‘cross gender arousal,’ even a male-identifying ‘autogynephiliac’ is not crossing genders. This is because he is, in a sense, already a woman. So called ‘femephiliacs’ are simply transgender people who were robbed of their true nature. The robbers were parents who, through no fault of their own, were working with a twentieth century gender theory. The children themselves co-operated with this robbery because the same gender theory – ie. genitals = gender was/is prevalent in society and they didn’t want to be different.*

*Very important: it is not the goal of Unified Transgender Theory to increase the amount of transgender people in ‘transition.’ The logic – “I’m transgender – therefore I must transition” is incorrect. The logic is “I’m transgender, I must take whichever path will lead to the maximum happiness for myself and those who I love, understanding that happiness is a multi composite state of mind which includes romantic relationships, friends, career, health and many other aspects.”

Evidence for this (though, not hard evidence, I’ll admit) can be found amongst the hundreds of teen transgender vloggers on Youtube. Out of respect, I’m not going to start naming names and quoting videos – but many defy all previous models of gender variant behaviour. All the bullshit stereotypes of so called ‘early onset transsexuals’* are overturned… (that they are effeminate, that they only fancy guys etc…).This is because they’re what happens when a transgender kid grows up in a family or community where gender is flexible. The boy appears in a dress at five and is allowed to continue exploring that path. Had they been told it was inappropriate… they would have ended up as that most conflicted of souls: the  ‘autogynephiliac.’

*Theorists love to ascribe complicated reasons for early and late onset transsexualism. However, some kids may identify as transgender very young for a simple reason – they are stubborn – and refuse the gender dictates of the parent.

For me, though, the ultimate proof that crossdreamers are transgender… is that so many of them identify as male, but then experience a gender identity crisis later in life. Let me ask you again: if they weren’t transgender… why the hell would they question their gender?

Oh… sorry, how stupid of me… I forgot. The fetishists have already answered that question.

‘The fetishists’ are those who have dedicated their careers to proving that crosssdreaming is a fetish. I call them fetishists because their obsessive devotion to proving it’s all a fetish, and their constant obsession with the details of transgender fantasy, is extremely fetishistic. Their aim is to create a disunified transgender theory that divides us  into sub groups and species. In one such theory we are divided up into the catchy terms…

‘autogynephiliac non homosexual transexuals,’ and…

‘autogynephiliac homosexual transexuals’.

In their opinion, the reason some crossdreamers go on to become transsexuals is the following: they already have a fetish called ‘autogynephilia’, but the ones who go on to transition, do so, not because they have a fetish… but an…


Yes, these extreme fetishists are like trannies on crack. They’re the white water rafting, throwing themselves out of aeroplanes, mega tranny, who are so incredibly turned on by pretending to be a woman… they sign up for the 24-7 package. That’s why super randy gender bender, Geena Rocero, always looks so happy… she’s buzzing off being permanently horny (now you know why she’s smiling in that photo with Obama!) And that Caitlyn Jenner… have you noticed why she has to constantly excuse herself between interviews? She’s off to the toilets to bat off because she’s just so horny all the time.


The fetishists might respond that these two didn’t practice cross gender arousal… but I can assure you that’s not true. There is not one male to female transgender person on the planet who did not fantasise about having a female body, pretransition. As stated, it’s impossible they didn’t… how else is a transgender person going to fantasise? This means, that the fetishists are saying all transgender people are fetishsists. That is the reason they want to change their sex. Not because of their gender core, not even because they are delusional… but because they have… a fetish. Thanks guys. Nice fucking work. There’s psychiatrists out there trying to cure addiction, depression, apathy, aspergers… and you’re brilliant project is to prove that the transgender population are fetishists. I’m sure the university of Raqqa has a position for you.

This absurd idea goes against all common sense. The sexual urge of a male body is powerless without testosterone, yet the first thing a male to female does is take testosterone blockers,  and then their libido tanks. If their motive was sexual they would completely lose interest at this point.

When they realise the absurdity of their argument the fetishists then change tack and leap from the absurd to the surreal. They then say… “well, no, actually… it’s not a fetish… it’s a love affair with an imaginary woman… and the autogynephiliac himself is that woman!” WTF! What this means is that through your fetish… you fantasise about being a woman… then you fall in love with that imaginary woman… and boom… you love her so much you are willing to lose your genitals to become the imaginary woman. Of course, when they hear just how stoopid this sounds they then revert back to a more conventional argument which is that fetishsits often glorify the object of their fetish and seek permanent union with it. And then they mention amputee fetishsists. Wow, now I’m really starting to understand Geena Rocero better: she’s a permanently horny gender bender with an amputee fetish and that’s why she had her genitalia removed… oh… and she’s also in a love affair with her self.

Look, as stated before…

“The taking of significant amounts of female hormones by a man will often reduce his sexual “potency” to zero within two or three months.  The long term use of hormones inevitably means a greatly shrunken penis, an inability to have erections, and permanent infertility after perhaps two years.*” (

Do you really think that a fetish would still have such a hold over the individual after two years of these hormones, followed by the surgical removal of the genitalia??? Impossible. A delusion… yes… an obsession…. yes… a personality disorder… yes… but the desire for sexual stimulation is not enough to carry a transgender person through the financial, medical, familial, social and professional complications they must pass through to transition.  A fetish? Please… if you can’t have respect for our community… at least don’t engage in blatant disrespect!


For me, it is clear that cross gender arousal does not exist. In the case of transgender people who go on to transition this is obvious, but even so called ‘autogynephiliacs’ are not crossing gender because they are, whether they know it or not, transgender. It is for this reason that Unified Transgender Theory rejects all terms which state that there is some kind of switch from male to female, or even anything out of the ordinary. It is the most natural thing in the world for a transgender individual to imagine making love with a body which reflects who they are. To outside observers this may look like cross gender arousal, but to us it’s the sensuality of true gender.

6. Arguments against Unified Transgender Theory based on certain types of fantasy.

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  1. I am feeling very much relaxed.Thanks a lot for publishing related articles on the cross dresser’s & transgender comunity.
    is there any further assistance available on this platform

  2. I also have problems with “crossdreaming” and in my opinion it´s a fetish fueled by porn.
    I have also questioned wether I am male or female inside and came to the conclusion that I don´t care. My body is male so therefore I don´t mind being a man. I may not like bodyhair and too much facial hair but who cares. god gave me a male body, if my soul wants to be a woman after this life, then it can in the next one. Mutilating your body surgeries and taking doses of female hormones may help some people, but I love my body.

    Would I be happier as a woman? I don´t know and I don´t care. I am who I am, male body male mind. male body female mind. who cares I am me and don´t need to change anything.

    I think that autogynephilia is a very real issue and that it´s a perversion, even I have to struggle with. But of course people will not admit that because the want to play the poor victims

  3. Solano Jones Reply

    What you say is so spot on! I have tremendous respect for those who’ve endured so much unbearable pain and difficulty that transition (which is a struggle of its own) is the better path for them.

    OTOH, for many of us (for all the reasons you mention, and more) the “cost/benefit analysis” so-to-speak (and by cost, I don’t mean simply money) doesn’t point to the same conclusion.

    I’m a MTF trans who only became fully aware of my female identity late-in-life, for all the same reasons you described above. I was talking about my reasons for not transitioning to a trans friend of mine recently. She said “You do not sound to me to be Transsexual in any sense but rather fluid in your identity and from a sexual point of view a fetish binds you to your sexual nature.”

    What follows is my reply to her, in its entirety:

    I understand our differences more in terms of degree. I have always related to, identified with and exhibited female emotion and personality. My body was of less consequence to me, but it absolutely put me into conflict with my inner person, over and over again in relationships, career, and so forth.

    I found ways to overcome and prevail, but it was a battle nonetheless. I honestly think my bisexuality helped me avoid the intolerable conditions you describe because I was able to obtain sexual release with women (though not really able to please them).

    A functional outward patina over a dysfunctional interior life seems to me more a matter of dysphoria intensity than its presense/absence.

    I think a lot of the current state of the medical profession with regard to trans people is (unintentionally, perhaps) creating yet another false dichotomy or binary paradigm. You either have dysphoria (in which case, the options are those you cited, and “we’re here to help”) or you do not (in which case, “Get the f*ck over yourself” seems to be the prevailing message) [NOT, I hasten to add, coming from you! I understand completely what you’re saying, and don’t feel any hostility or disrespect whatsoever!]

    Clearly (to my mind) if my dysphoria had been fractionally greater than it was, I would have been driven to options such as those you mentioned. That’s very clear to me. However, I would ask that you consider the possibility that the very thing that has held you back from your full human potential affects many more of us in ways less unendurable, but not less true.

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