The following graphic is a visual aid to refer to when you plan your time. It contains all the elements mentioned in the 20 questions.

Now it’s time to craft your plan into concrete actions that take place each day/week/ month!

When we start asking important questions about life and how to start a new life, people assume that it will be profound and involve the works of Freud or the lyrics of Tupac or the philosophy of Plato.

The fact is, however, it involves something far less profound but far more effective than any of those guys…

…It involves Google calendar!

That’s right! I know it sounds extremely unglamorous but the next step in your life plan is to access Google calendar, stare at an empty week, and start planning your time in line with all the elements we’ve discussed.

Watch this video to start familiarizing yourself with Google calendar. Here’s a link to the Google app


In this brief exercise I’ve tried to introduce you to some of the ideas and coaching tools that will help you plan your new life. Of course, the difficult part comes in answering big questions like…

  • How do I earn more money?
  • What do I really want to do with my life?
  • My friends suck…how do I make new ones?

In other words – despite the simplicity of the method (20 questions and a Google calendar) you can spend a lifetime trying to work out even the most basic components. Over the next few months I’ll be dealing with many of these issues, but if you’d like to have a personal coaching session in the meantime – send a message to…


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