Read the text that accompanies the following images. Read it carefully!

Do any of those feelings sound familiar?

Don’t bother replying…I already know the answer.

Another thing I know is the cause of those feelings.

You see, the reason you think about another body and life is because you are not who you’re supposed to be, and I know you think it’s because you’re transgender or a sissy or a freak or a split personality or whatever…

…but none of those are the reasons.

You feel you should have another life because you really should have another life. And the following test has been constructed to remind you of that life and your true identity.

The key to that identity is buried in your sub-conscious memory. It lies in a deeply held image you have of an ideal woman. You believe this idealized woman is external to yourself – out in the world – but in reality, she is you. Or rather…she was supposed to be you (Don’t worry, I’ll explain that part later!)

For now, though, I need you to relax. Look deep within and picture this ideal woman.

Now…answer the following questions.


What colour skin does she have? (Or what ethnic background?)


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