2c. Bloody-Layla


Now that you’ve had time to think about it, the receptionist was right…

“…This was all Layla’s fault.”

If the girl was so insistent, yet obviously not your sister, then it all points to your previous theory of a friend impersonating a sister. (Though, if you’re honest, you don’t really have any female friends who would go to such lengths)

Your phone goes off. Your old friend, Timmy ‘ten pints’ Talbot, read your post about getting fired and wants to meet up at 4.

1. Go drinking with Timmy. Pay attention to an old friend you’ve neglected.

Ever since you started working, you’ve spent very little time with your old friend, Timmy. Timmy is a hard drinking football fan who says he has some good contacts in the job market.

2. Drink up… and then head across to the office to investigate further.

Maybe you really do have a sister called Layla who you never knew about. On the other hand: how likely is that? Why chase phantoms when you have a real life friend who wants to see you?