There’s two types of peroxide blonde… the first is strengthened by a base of natural blonde hair, and the other is made extremely difficult to maintain and create because the baseline color is dark.

Party blond is a style which is less about a particular hair color, and more about an attitude.

I’ve always thought that dishwater blonde was a bad choice of words to describe blonde that is flecked through with brown or other colors. I prefer to call it spectrum blond.

Golden blonde has the consistency and allure of peroxide blonde but it’s more natural. You are truly blessed by the Gods  if you’re a golden blonde.

A classic ash blonde. Blonde hair with flecks of grey. Green eyes rather than blue.

Researches have now identified the genetic mutation which leads to the blond hair of Northern Europeans. The mutation can be found in a sequence of genes called KIT ligand, and approximately 33% of Northern Europeans have it. Based on new research at a Japanese university in Tokyo, the genetic mutation that caused blond hair is about 11,000 years old – and first appeared at some point in the last ice age.

The first time the word “blond” is found in written English is in 1481 and it seems to come from a French word: blund. In French this word referred to a color that was close to gold.

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