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Another day…another dollar: and sometimes it feels that’s all you earn…

…a dollar!

And that’s what you’re thinking when your boss calls you.

“Hey… your sister, Layla, is out front,” he barks. And hangs up.

This means you can’t tell him some pretty relevant information…

… that you don’t have a sister called Layla.

1. Use the misunderstanding to get a few minutes break.

Fuck it: live and let live. You’re bored… and maybe the ‘sister’ is some friend making an excuse to your boss so she can tell you something.

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2. Play it safe. Clear up the misunderstanding and remain chained to your desk.

Your boss’s wife recently left him for a younger man. He’s extremely angry. Furthermore, you are currently doing bad at work.

If he discovers that you left your desk to see a sister that you knew you didn’t have (rather than call him back and clear up the misunderstanding) the results could be unpredictable.

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