Rhinoplasty: why should a transgender woman consider this surgery?

While either gender can have a  honking nose, there are – in general – significant differences beteen male and female noses.

Female noses are…

  • Smaller
  • Thinner
  • Less bulbous
  • Often slightly upturned

Therefore, if you surgically alter your nose to achieve the above characteristics – you can achieve a high degree of facial feminization.

Rhinoplasty costs…

The best place to get statistics on the cost is from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Accotding to their figures, the median cost is $4,500.

Caveat: the above figure does not include aneasthetic expenses and operating theatre outlays. This means the price could rise a few thousand bucks. That’s why it works out cheaper to get two or three procedures done at the same time.

Risks… (don’t be a wus…just find a good surgeon)

  • General risks that all operations entail.
  • Infection of wound / scarring.
  • Nose becomes numb.
  • Septal perforation (this is basically a hole in the nasdal septum – but it’s not that common.)
  • Breathing through nose becomes difficult.
  • You aren’t happy with the appearance.
  • Swelling and minor discoloration.

Deep Dive…

Here’s a clinical study of The Role of Nasal Feminization Rhinoplasty in Male-to-Female Gender Reassignment

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