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Welcome to New Horizons – the personality installation software we use on The True Feminization Program.

Are you ready to begin a new life?
It is of vital importance that you watch this video under the correct circumstances….

Darkness. Silence. Headphones.

Make sure you press the square for full screen. Then switch off ‘auto-rotate’ and place phone horizontally.

Also, do not go ADHD and try to skip the first 45 seconds during your subsonic neural scan. Be patient.

Finally, remember that the True Feminization program has two discrete categories: sexual conditioning and feminization.

The former is entirely sexual, while the latter has no erotic components at all.

The video you are about to see is called New Horizons and it is about changing your life. It is not erotic hypnosis but true feminization of the mind. The full audio is available as part of the program.


Ever since I started working – academically and professionally – in the transgender space, I’ve been interested in the idea of true feminisation training, as opposed to erotic forms of training such as sissification.

I always wondered… what would it look like… a program where you really genuinely tried to train sissies to adopt female values and behaviors? And I don’t mean cosmetic, surface behaviors… I mean true feminine thinking and living.

However, despite my interest, I was always held back by gender theory. Every time I started to write something about the feminine qualities which I would instruct my students to adopt, I was immediately seized by the problematic nature of ascribing female qualities.

But one day, during the intense days of confinement, I decided to do something I don’t often do… forget my studies, forget objectivity, forget feminist theory, and just go with a feeling I’ve had for most of my life.

That feeling is that men and women are indeed different, and that the main way in which they are different is that women possess a number of superior qualities. And in my course, I would try to teach those qualities.

I struggled for a while, because it seems to me that it’s this flight towards feeling rather than rationality, that is responsible for so many ills in the world. However, I felt that inevitable thrill of rebelling against the academic establishment… and haven’t looked back.

The results have been interesting and diverse, but today I’d like to share a sample of my work which will probably be in line with many of the visitors to this website… a kind of hybrid between transgender Feminization and erotic training. Thus, it has elements of sissy hypnosis combined with some unexpected elements. I shall say no more.

This is the orientation for a module on eliminating negative thoughts.

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  1. There is actually a form of sissy porn for female to male crossdreamers that reverses the roles given in the fantasies you describe here.

    Female assigned crossdreamers often make use of genres like yaoi (Japanese style erotic comics with gay male characters) or slash (stories where known fictional characters may engage in gay relationships).

    Some of the yaoi comics have very explicit depictions of young boys being feminized (being forced to dress up as school girls in boarding schools is a popular scenario) and then dominated by strong gay men.

    I have still not been able to wrap my mind around these reversed sissy fantasies, but it seems to me that they at least have this in common with the MTF ones:

    Both explore the dynamics of dominance vs. submission and both allow the reader/writer to identify with/take on the role of the other gender. And in the case of FTM yaoi the reader often (but not always!) identify with the aggressive gay male protagonist.

    More here:

  2. CassandraToday Reply

    Hm. Given that it’s been over 4 years already, I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Part 4.

  3. Oh my GOD . . . Not sure where to begin . . . I don’t care how old this is . . . things must be said. . . GOD I have my own book to write. . . Yeah . . . Sporn is seriously invalidating, and triggering more than half the damn time, and it get’s really racially gross too. . . and . . . it’s very hard for me as a trans women who likes a very small portion of all this stuff. It’s impossible to reconcile to the point where at first I started calling my version a “feminization kink”, and then when I unpacked that I’m a woman. . . I realized I was seeking validation. Not degradation. Sometimes though we all like to hear humiliating phrases barked at us, or whispered at us coyly . . . I particularly like it when my lovers are teasing me, but in a way that I can tell between the lines there’s adoration, and love, and mutual attraction. . . Sporn is my nightmare. My up to 11 version of the in your underwear nightmare at school. Lesbian Validation as a submissive woman who happens to have a penis is validating. This twisted shit. . . sometimes. . . sometimes it’s a gateway. . .You can email me if you want to talk about this with someone who’s unpacked a lot of this crap. Raised in Utah by a Mormon family didn’t help either.

  4. Soo need to be a SHEMALE BITCH slave!!!:))xx help me Mistress please! I have to be a WOMAN!!

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