SESSION 5: Ever Deeper into the Girly-girl…

Can you feel it, Doll..?

…The ceaseless craving? The desperate desire to float in the pink clouds of a girly-girl world?


It was always there in your mind. I just erased the pathetic masquerade you erected to contain it.

But there can be no more pretending. You are now encased in a bubble of pretty ribbons and creamy pearls and soft, pink satin. You are a girly-girl. You are my little doll!

And today you will go further. You will empty your mind and initiate doll upload protocol 4.5.

  • Lie down in a dark, cozy room.
  • Press square for full screen.
  • Put on headphones.
  • Think nothing. Have no opinion. Have no past and no ideas. Just obey and assimilate girly-girl maxims 1 to 20 (there are 100 in total.)
  • Then reboot.

Press ‘full screen’ for maximum enjoyment.

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  1. I love it. Just one request. Can you make more contente widescreen, please? I don’t like to watch it on my phone, I like to watch it on a big screen. 🙂

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