There are some transgender people (especially in the middle East and Africa) for whom transition could mean the end of their job, their family ties, indeed – their life. There are also people closer to home who, for one reason or another, can’t transition.

In order to help such people accept a life which – on the surface – is lived in their assigned gender, Felix wrote an article in 2014 that intentionally looks at all the negatives of transition.

If you are seeking, therefore, to accept a life without transition we recommend you read his article rather than the transition test. Click on the image below…


If you embrace transition we recommend you avoid Felix’s article and proceed with the test. Start now… An introduction to the transition test.

Electra L.

Barcelona, September 30th, 2015

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  1. This isn’t a reason not to transition, but it’s a warning to those that choose to. Transitioning is not a fantasy it is a war on yourself and on society. It is an uphill battle that those that chose to transition first may end up being mowed down and crushed under the oppressive weight of self-doubt, ostracization, or by the individuals that wish to oppress and eradicate differences that threaten their ideology.
    Holidays will pass, doctors’ appointments will come and go, and you may have to brave these times alone. Even if people say they accept you or care, it will come more as they are happy to have you as a badge of honor. If you are like me you give everyone your all and you expect nothing in return, but when you need someone, anyone, no one is going to be there. Not unless you are fortunate enough to have someone be by your side and play the role of a best friend that cares deeply about you, but to me, that is a fantasy. I have friends, and I have family, but none of them would are there when it counts. We are a blip on their radar that appears when it’s convenient for them. It’s up to us to actually reach out for help when we need it, pulling on our inner strength that people will tell you they admire you for. I hate being strong, I hate having to be so resilient all the time, Whether you transition or not these feelings are going to swell up within you and feel like you are drowning constantly. I have that throat-tight sensation right now writing this, so I know this is something I truly feel you should know as I want you to know you are not alone in feeling this way when you do. It has been felt and it will continue to be felt. I know it isn’t comforting hearing it from someone you don’t know online, but we have to pull through this. Our happiness matters too, even it if seems pointless, it still matters. You still matter.

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