A world of satin frills and shiny latex awaits you….


A Brief Selection of Sissy Farm Uniforms

Sometimes it will be necessary for you to attend your Mistress or her clients when they are sick. A latex nurse’s uniform is perfect for the job.

When you are entertaining your superiors, we believe that a sissy like you will be perfect in a tight, satin cheongsam…

Sometimes you’ll have to do shifts as a satin-clad waitress. Our sissy’s wear a uniform that is based on the classic French serving girl of popular culture.

There re a number of accessories that will be essential during your time at The Sissy Farm. For example…elbow length satin gloves are both pretty and useful.

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Level 1 of The Sissy Farm Training Manual contains…

  • 200 A4 pages of color photos: featuring assignments, feminization tips and sissy pornography.
  • 3 E-books. A trilogy of 1st person accounts of life at The Sissy Farm that will inspire, terrify and excite your little sissy clit.
  • Code word and e-mail address of Mistress Elle. Initiate contact with your Mistress and discover how to get an invitation to The Sissy Farm.

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If you are a doubting little sissy who does not believe that our manual will begin the process of reconditioning and feminization you crave, then read some of the reviews from Goodreads…

You can buy these 3 E-books (+ our 200 page training manual) directly delivered to your e-mail with the following advantages…

1. Anonymous download entitled “Irish Folklore & Mythology” and no mention of this website.
2. 20% cheaper.
3. Secure download (the moment you click on paypal you enter the Paypal secure payments area. We do not have access to credit card no.)

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