Many Spanish girls have super feminine faces and super unfeminine voices. (Photo is of  model Janira Rocher instagram @jeyrocher)

The following scenario is very common in Spain: basically, you see the most beautiful, feminine woman you’ve ever seen in your life… and then she opens her mouth and has a voice that sounds like she’s got two elephant sized balls and a major imbalance of testosterone.

Yes, many Spanish women have very deep voices…but it doesn’t detract from their femininity. Now, of course, I understand perfectly why we want to work on our voices and everyone has the right to do what the hell they want to their voice or body…however, I can’t help think that the resolution Rachel makes in this video is the way to go.

There is nothing more natural and necessary and constant than the need to use one’s voice…and the idea of just accepting your voice seems like the best path to happiness. I mean really…who wants to spend the next forty years speaking in a false voice? And as Spanish girls show…the voice really isn’t that important.

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