Welcome, soldier!

We have been searching for you… for a very long time.

I know it’s strange to contact you via a web page, but it’s the safest way to avoid the enemy. Although your devices are monitored, the distance between our worlds imposes limits on this surveillance. The enemy can’t read text from the web pages you visit…

…That’s why we are contacting you here.

However, before I explain who ‘we’ are… and more importantly who ‘you’ are… there is a security protocol that must be followed.

Security Protocol ZX-7K42

12 years ago, the three pillars of ME were invented.

  • Mind Extraction
  • Mind Erasure
  • Mind Editing

Sensing the danger, our scientists developed ‘Mind Anchors.’ These are subliminal messages buried so deep in the subconscious… our agents are not aware of them. Furthermore, extractors can’t detect them.

These anchors identify an agent whose mind has been extracted, erased or edited.

The anchors are activated by childhood images. To confirm your identity, you must answer the five accompanying questions correctly.





5. Final Question: WARNING: If you do not pass the security protocol, your device will self destruct.

Security Protocol ZX-7K42

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