Elle Mesen’s True Feminization program is unique because it goes far beyond the scope of traditional feminization to include…

  • Behavioral feminization.
  • Mental feminization.
  • Gender reprograming.


Level 1 of The Sissy Farm is a necessary introduction to the ideas which underpin Mistress Elle’s philosophy of domination. However, it is a passive experience in which the reader learns and absorbs.

Level 2, by contrast, is an active experience in which newly enslaved sissies must complete 10 real world tasks and all the sub tasks that accompany them.

Here are some of the exciting girly tasks in the behavioral module…

In order to maintain the integrity of this product, it is not possible to buy Level 2 without level 1. This is because it is vital to understand Elle’s philosophy of enslavement in order to understand the way she trains and reconditions sissies.

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Please note: you receive an assignment, complete it, and then Mistress Elle sends you the next one. It is an interactive experience that takes place over several weeks – not a book.

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  1. Help me Mistress please! I can’t take it anymore! I wanna be a WOMAN soo badd!!:))xx

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