8. The Offer


Layla stands up and puts her hands on her hips. “As you can see, they delivered everything they promised.”

 “And what about the trauma?”

Layla sits down. “When I awoke from reprogramming, I no longer felt emotions… just perfect calm.”

“But doesn’t that make you a robot?” The word influences your eyes. For the first time, you notice that Layla’s perfect skin has a plastic sheen to it.

“But humans are already robots… they are just programmed badly. If you come to The Sissy Farm, they will reprogram you and rebuild you to look like me. And we’ll be sisters.”

You look at her. Speechless!

“That is why they sent me. They have been watching you online and you’re a perfect fit.”

She hands you her phone. Look, I’m going to the Lady’s. Watch this short video… it explains everything.”

1. Watch the video.


Come on, it’s just a video… what’s the harm in that?

Version Mobile: Full screen TikTok style. (Will lose some res. But will be super sensory.)
Version Desktop / Mobile: Half Screen (Better res. But less sensory.)

2. Don’t watch the video.


Layla has already mentioned behavioral programming a.k.a. – brainwashing. Maybe this video will contain some cognitive triggers or hypnotic suggestion.