The Sissy Farm – Level 2: Elle’s dark web

Welcome to the next level of… The Sissy Farm.

Once you have paid your slave tax, you will be granted provisional membership of Mistress Elle’s hive and proceed to Level 2.
Whereas Level 1 of The Sissy Farm was you learning about your Mistress, Level 2 is where your Mistress learns about you.
Level 2 has 8 feminization assignments. 1 per week… for 2 months. Proof that each task has been completed is mandatory.In order to maintain the element of surprise, these assignments can only be revealed to level 2 sissies. However, here’s a little flavour…
The Sissy Farm Training manual (Level 2) contains…

  • 100 pages of color photos + video clips.
  • 8 assignments that will excite you and feminize you. 
  • Repeated interactions with your Mistress. 
  • Possibility of admittance to The Sissy Farm.
  • Real life case studies of feminization from The Sissy Farm.

Look at this sissy maid receive its monthly milking from its Stern Master. This could be you in a matter of months.


Why is level 2 more expensive than level 1?

Level 1 was a passive introduction to The Sissy Farm that involved words and text. Level 2 involves…

  • Repeated and personal interactions with Elle – all of which take time (and therefore – money.)
  • A richer online experience that uses video, social media, Novagirl, audio and Buddypress.
  • More logistics: the verification of completed assignments, for example.

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You can buy Level 2 directly delivered to your e-mail with the following advantages.

  • Anonymous download entitled “Irish Mythology and Folklore Volume 2” and no mention of this website.
  • 20% cheaper than Amazon and other platforms.
  • Secure download (the moment you click on paypal you enter the Paypal secure payments area. We do not have access to your credit card no.)

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