1. Shemale Metamorphosis: We transform sissies into hyper feminine shemale courtesans who are put to work in client brothels such as La Vie Rosa in Barcelona and Artemis in Berlin.2. Genital Reassignment: the remoulding of your genitalia via chastity and hormonal injections. You will end up with a medically classified hypertrophic micro penis – A.K.A.  a sissy clit.

3. Sissy Assignments: how will you perform as a submissive, satin clad waitress? Our training manual mandates 10 different tasks that will turn you into a cum-thirsty little whore.

4. Hand-maiden training: if you don’t have what it takes to work as a call-girl, we offer feminization and maid training. Upon completion you will be sold to a stern Master or Mistress.

5. This is not a drill: our organization harnesses the economic value of enslaved sissies. If you crave a life of feminization and submission, then join The Sissy Farm.

The Sissy Farm Training manual contains…

  • 100 pages of color photos.
  • 3 First person accounts of life at The Sissy Farm.
  • Code word and e-mail address of Mistress Elle.

If you are a doubting little sissy who does not believe that our manual will begin the process of reconditioning and feminization you crave, then read some of the reviews from Goodreads…

Samples from the 100 page training manual…


Swallowing Reconditioning…

Pretty satin uniforms and compulsory fashion buys…

You can buy these 3 E-books + Our 100 page training manual directly delivered to your e-mail with the following advantages.

1. Anonymous download entitled “Irish Folklore & Mythology” and no mention of this website.
2. 20% cheaper.
3. Secure download (the moment you click on paypal you enter the Paypal secure payments area. We do not have access to credit card no.)

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