Maid Training: Some of us were born for service

Some people are born-leaders and some people are born-servants.

Level 1 of our new training pack contains assignments, fantasies and evaluations that allow you to explore your desire for submission. And if you want to take things further, we will send you to an organization that will administer the strong hand you crave.

Entrance to The Sissy Farm is by invitation only. Supplicants must first complete our True Feminization program. To pass Level 1, sissies must complete Mistress Elle’s training manual, which contains…

  • 200 A4 pages of color photos: featuring assignments, feminization tips and sissy pornography.
  • 3 E-books. A trilogy of 1st person accounts of life at The Sissy Farm that will inspire, terrify and excite your little sissy clit.
  • Code word and e-mail address of Mistress Elle. Initiate contact with your Mistress and discover how to get an invitation to The Sissy Farm.

(By pressing ‘download’ you confirm that you are 18 years old or over.)

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If you doubt that our manual will begin the process of reconditioning and feminization that you crave, then read some of the reviews from Goodreads…

You can buy these 3 E-books (+ our 100 page training manual) directly delivered to your e-mail with the following advantages…

1. Anonymous download entitled “Irish Folklore & Mythology” and no mention of this website.
2. 20% cheaper.
3. Secure download (the moment you click on paypal you enter the Paypal secure payments area. We do not have access to credit card no.)

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  1. Martin Kirchhoff Reply

    I am very excited reading all that here. I wish my whole life to be an enslaved bitch, and I didn’t knew the word “bimbofication”, but I dreamed since decades to have the body of a curvy African woman, with very big boobs and a big big butt, sucking dicks, enslaved in a brothel. I once read in newspaper, that a transsexual after his sex changing surgery took prolactine so he/she could brustfeed a baby, this I also would love and to be Bimboficated would give peace to my mind, not to my ass, but that’s perfectly right.

  2. Martin Kirchhoff Reply

    When I first saw your offers, to be feminized, bimboficated bimboficated and enslaved, I knew my destiny……

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