My Grandma used to say that those who can do… do… and those that can’t… learn about it on Youtube. And that’s the most important thing you need to know about makeup: that everything you could ever want to learn (and a whole lot more) is on YouTube.

Many people look to great sages like the Bhudda for the most important lessons in life, but I personally go to the queens of makeup vlogging. Not only will they teach you how to transform your face into a shining canvass of beauty…but these girls are truly inspirational.

So our first makeup class is on subscribing. Here are 4 experts you need to follow and some basics about the art of makeup.

1. Christen Dominique

The first vlogger you need in your subscriptions is Christen Dominique. I love her…and you will too! Check out her appearance before the application of the glam look (minute 1.15) and compare it to after: truly amazing.

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2. The ‘Be Beautiful’ Channel

A quick interjection…

In case you think I’m being a bad teacher and just making you watch videos… (that’s what all the worse teachers did at my school!) I will now explain the importance of coverage!

What is coverage?

Coverage is extremely important for any girl when thinking about makeup (but even more important for transgirls who weren’t born biological girls.)

Coverage basically refers to how thick your makeup is and the degree of transparency it affords. Therefore, if you have really bad skin with lots of blemishes and unsightly pimples then you would opt for full coverage. Here are the four types of coverage.

Sheer Cover

Very transparent and low amount of pigment. Doesn’t conceal discolourations on the skin but evens out skin tone.

Light Cover

Good for concealing unevenness and slight blemishes, but can not cover freckles. 13–18% pigment content.

Medium Cover

Covers freckles, blemishes and any marks left by pimples. Approx 18–23% pigment content.

Full Cover

Full cover is good for birthmarks, vitiligo, and even scars. 35% pigment content (and sometimes 50% if you are gonna be on television). Ful coverage is, as the video says, like a whole new layer of skin.

3. Teni

Follow Teni on Insta!

4. Stephanie Lange

I can not emphasize enough how important this videos is. One of the biggest problems for beginner girls is that they have smaller eyes relative to their face than girl-girls. Therefore, you really need to pay attention to making them look radiant and more prominent.


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