Makeup Tutorials 1

by Anna Kamari

How much do you actually know about makeup? how would you rate your skills? Are you addcited to beauty bloggers like me?

This tutorial is with Christen Dominique – you can follow her on Instagram below.

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What is coverage?

Coverage is extremely important for any girl when thinking about makeup but even more important for girls like you.

COVERAGE basically refers to how thick your makeup is and the degree of transparency it affords. Therefore, if you have really bad skin with lots of blemishes and unsightly pimples then you would opt for full coverage. Here are the four types of coverage.

Sheer Cover

Very transparent and low amount of pigment. Doesn’t conceal discolourations on the skin but evens out skin tone.

Light Cover

Good for concealing unevenness and slight blemishes, but can not cover freckles. 13–18% pigment content.

Medium Cover

Covers freckles, blemishes and any marks left by pimples. Approx 18–23% pigment content.

Full Cover

Full cover is good for birthmarks, vitiligo, and even scars. 35% pigment content (and sometimes 50% if you are gonna be on television). Ful coverage is, as the video says, like a whole new layer of skin.

Try the tutorial and tell me how you get on…

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Dear students, I can not emphasis enough how important this videos is. One of the biggest problems for beginner girls is that they have smaller eyes relative to their face than girl-girls. Therefore, you really need to pay attention to making them look radiant and more prominent.