A stunning collection of real women (as opposed to models) in beautiful lingerie. You will love this collection of pics.



















I’m really not sure about this lingerie set…neither is my colleague…but she’s so pretty we thought we’d include the picture anyway.

We’ve all been there: a bed…a bonnie red head in a corset… No you haven’t, but you’d like to!

India Reynolds. So hot…

Someone needs to tell either her or the photographer about backgrounds. That reminds me of my great aunt’s wallpaper. Still…cute corset.

We used to say that we wore sexy clothes for ourselves…not for men. Now it’ true…it’s just that it’s for our selfies.

Sometimes you wanna show off your lingerie but not your face!

Green lingerie – not every girl’s go to color – but it has a certain je ne sais quoi.

There’s something compellingly defiant about this girl…

If my mum ever had hopes of turning me away from lesbianism, this photo just killed them. I’ll take the  lingerie…and the girl.

I’m loving the work she’s had done on her upper lip. Oh sorry, I’m supposed to be writing about underwear,

Sometimes when you buy it, you just can’t wait to put it on!

Bleach like a peach, girlfriend!

Born to wear corsets.

I wish I could grab the doorframe sexily…normally it’s to hold my drunken body upright, however,

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