A caveat: Please remember what I discovered while researching this article: taste in names is completely and utterly subjective…so what seems super cool and pretty to one person may sound horrible to another. Therefore, while I will enjoy reading your criticisms and reactions…don’t forget that it’s just your opinion.

Okay, girls…caveat over….now it’s time to announce the official TranscendMovement name of the year for 2017. And the winner is…

Zyra Explained

When it comes to ‘Zyra’ there’s no Geek myth or Celtic Goddess, I’m afraid. It’s a completely invented name. However, that’s surely what makes it original and unique…it’s completely new…and the only references you can find are in contemporary culture. From a style perspective, I always favor classic…but there’s something funky and dynamic about the name which grabbed my attention (and the rest of my team.)

Hope you like it!

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