4. Wardrobe Choices 


You lie on your bed and stare at the ceiling. Nobody in your family knew nothing of Layla or an unknown sister.

However, maybe your father had a one night stand many years ago, got someone pregnant and she never informed him.

Whoever Layla is, you can’t deny that you are excited about the impending meeting. You remember her stylish clothes, beautiful face and the confidence with which she spoke.

You stand up and decide to focus on more practical matters.

What are you going to wear?

1. Vinyl leggings. Heels. Cropped Sweater.


If you had it your way, you’d dress like a girl all the time. Therefore, this outfit is the most authentic representation of who you are. Or at least, who you want to be.

However, Layla may be socially conservative, and feel uncomfortable with a person that she sees as a boy… in girls clothes.

2. Guy Shirt. Guy trousers. Guy shoes.


This is the sort of stuff that you have to wear at work (where everybody presumes that you’re a regular guy). You hate it. It destroys your soul.

However, unlike when you’re dressed as a girl, it allows you to move around freely without everyone looking at you and you being paranoid that they know you’re a biological boy.

3. Guy jeans. Sneakers. Girl sweatshirt.


Although not as girly as you would like, this outfit at least makes some concession to your true personality and gender.

You feel powerfully drawn to Layla, and even though you know it’s irrational… you don’t want to break her trust.