What is desissfication?

Desissification is the process by which a novagirl realigns her sexuality and tastes towards the aesthetic of pure femininity, rather than sissy porn and sissy subculture.

Is that really a thing?

Admittedly, I just invented the term on the spot, so  – linguistically – it’s not a thing.

However, it does represent a solid chunk of NovaGirl readers who keep on writing to me about how they dislike sissy stuff.

VSister.com: the big sister you never had… or maybe have… but always wanted.

Changes to NovaGirl Blog content…

In order to make the NovaGirl blog  more inclusive, I started a project in September called ‘Virtual Sister.’ The project had 2 aims…

  1. To create a version of my program, True Feminization, that would not only be free of sissy content, but would be a self improvement tool for all girls cis and trans: The result is… Virtual Sister.
  2. To create free blog content that followed the same principles. The result is… Pretty Hypno.
I based Virtual Sister on the idea of a little sister who was not having much success professionally, romantically or socially. As her big sister, I send her (you, the student) a series of letters and assignments from Europe (where I’m working) designed to reinvent yourself and kickstart your life. Of course, the subtext is a program of feminization for gender variant girls, but that is never overtly mentioned.

So if a student chooses the Virtual Sister version of the program, are they completely banned from the dungeon stuff?

They are not banned.

Although VSister is free of that type of content, there is a backdoor to access the DreamyGirl and Sissy Farm material.


While I readily approve of a shift towards deeper femininity (hopefully – feminism too) and a female gender identity, I want my students to be as mentally healthy as possible.

I have seen too many trans clients beating themselves up because they’ve tried – and failed – to expunge the sissy vibe from their erotic life (It’s so embarrassing when a client announces it’s their last session because they’re ‘ditching the sissy thing’ and they they return a couple of weeks later with their tail/chastity device between their legs).

A lifetime of getting turned on by hyper femininity and/or humiliation doesn’t just go away, and all you do by denying it is to create dissonance and inner conflict.

That’s why the definition of desissification I propose is about realignment and accommodation not rejection and extremism. It is about a shift in emphasis and priorities towards everything that is beautiful and pretty and feminine, but without being puritanical about the sissy stuff.

Having the occasional binge of sissy porn does not make a transwoman less of a woman (I know some readers see this as obvious, but I assure you there are others who believe that.)

An analogy from my own life…

I get turned on by inflicting pain and humiliation on people (well, I get turned on by other things, but that’s my major kink). And for a long time I tried to deny this.

However, the inner conflict came to a head while writing my Masters thesis on the cruelty/ excesses of men and their appetite for destruction, in contrast to the female capacity for creation and nurturing and moderation.

Meanwhile, not only was I getting off on humiliation and pain while moonlighting as a dominatrix, but a few friends were starting to have babies. I fast discovered that I was not a nurturer*

Not only did these two things make me feel less of a woman… they made me feel like a monster.

(*You can see how this still affects me. Instead of saying the honest truth: I don’t really like children –  I use the euphemism ‘not a nurturer. This is because I still feel residual shame that, as a woman, not only do I not want to have children but don’t have much time for them.)

Resolving the inner conflict between your sexual tastes and your personality

In the end, I had to accept the fundamental fact of human sexuality…

You get what you’re given, and there’s no refunds!

I didn’t ask to be a sadist and there’s no way of expunging it from my core sexuality. Therefore, I made my peace with it. I decided to compensate for my dark side and ‘lack of nurturing’ by doing voluntary work.

You see, true Femininity is not about what turns you on! Your kink is your kink… and it doesn’t have anything to do with how much of a woman you are.

Returning to the question

Therefore, returning to the question…. while there is an absolute and definitive break with sissy subculture, switching over to Virtual Sister and Pretty Hypno does not have to mean its complete extinction.

The aesthetic of vsister.com is completely different from this site and dreamygirl.

Visit Vsister.com and desissify your life with Pretty Hypno…

Click below for Pretty  Hypno… Click on the next image for course info.

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