We salute your bravery, soldier!

Now that Ultranet controls resistance agents, our organization is collapsing. The only hope is an incursion into Ultranet’s mainframe from somewhere remote that it can’t control: Earth.

We have hacked the sub-routine that controls your true body on Dagia – our home planet. Now you need to control that body, execute the counter-strike and return your mind to its true body.

Taking control will stimulate residual memories and emotions that allow you to control that body with its habitual behavior.

But here’s the rub…

…if your true-self does anything that is out of character, Ultranet will immediately identify an anomaly and the hack will be discovered. 

Should the link from Earth to Dagia be discovered, all hope is lost. The human race will become nothing more than a subroutine of an all seeing, all controlling algorithm.

Do you want to discover your true identity?