For decades, the state of bimbofication has been ruled by women in their twenties and middle aged glamour queens. Now, however, the younger generation are claiming the cult of bimbo for themselves. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think is the perfect age for a bimbo to claim her crown.

Bimbofication test/quiz:
What is Bimbofication: a graphic guide
Bimbofication Hypnosis – Try the latest technique!
Lots and lots of pics of bimbos

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  1. I would say, that best Age is, when a Girl is young but not too young, Early Twenties.

  2. Definitely late twenties, after she has some experience with how to please others.

  3. Please Mistress please!, I beg you to erase all traces of my icky male from within in order to physically transform me into what I need the most in life- to be a bimbofied SHEMALE BITCH SLAVE! Suck puppet!! Placed in a collar and secured to your leash! I can’t take it anymore! I crave to be a WOMAN I need to be WOMAN!! Please help me Mistress, Please! I crave for you to place me into deprivation black latex cocoon bondage unable move, see, speak, or barely hear all the while you sitting right on top of me caressing my head and placing the nodes all over me as you enjoy watching me squim, grovel, and struggle to get out of my black latex deprivation bondage trying to scream to get out but to no avail!!!:))xxx

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