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Reddit is completely toxic for transgender people!

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The other day I received an e-mail from a reader who informed me of a reddit group called: “it’s a fetish.”

What I saw disgusted me.

It was more insidious and more hateful than any of the autogynephilia based transphobia that I have seen before. However, I have to say that I what I saw from the transgender contributors also appalled me, and I came to the conclusion that Reddit was utterly toxic for transgender people. The experience brought home to me in brutal detail the five reasons why social media

So why did this particular group make me so sick?

Firstly, they had created a system of categories that deconstructed various features of transgender behaviour and sexuality, allowing them to immediately make clear the aspect of gender variance that they wanted to mock and humiliate. A good example was ‘sleepover obssesion’.

Sleepover obssesion shines a spotlight on the obbsseion many transgirls and women have with sleepovers. The feeling that they missed out on this female ritual means they try to capture what they lost by having lots of sleepovers and generally beim

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  1. Stupid fucking article. Stupid fucking site. You’re just a stupid fucking person.

  2. Evelyn Jolene Olansky Reply

    It’s pretty clear that some, including the author of this post, think of #MeToo as a movement about revenge, bringing punishment to those who have mistreated and abused others.

    As a woman and a transwoman, I feel that #MeToo is firstly about the healing power of community, of recognizing that the pain in your life is shared, isn’t yours alone to carry.

    A #MeToo movement which prioritizes the punishment of those accused over the accuser’s preferences for disclosure… Doesn’t make sense to me. It’s #MeToo, not #HimToo.

    Don’t get me wrong — I share both goals. I want a world where those harmed by sexual impropriety or abuse feel able to discuss that experience if they wish, as they wish. I also want a world where the people who abuse St punished. That doesn’t mean #MeToo needs to be doing both things to be effective.

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