5: The Restaurant

You arrive.

The two of you take a seat. Small talk doesn’t feel right . “Well, you said you would explain all…so I’m all ears.”

“Can we talk a little first? It seems weird to say intense things to someone I’ve never met.”

“Err…ok.” But you always find pretty girls intimidating and don’t know what to say.

Fortunately, Layla starts asking you questions about your life. And they’re all the right questions. And then she interjects with humorous comments, or a gentle nudge to get you back on topic, and you’re talking more animatedly than you’ve talked for a long time.

“Wow… you’re a really good listener,” you say, as the waiter brings starters.

“It’s a professional skill.”

“Really?” you reply, tasting your soup. “What’s your job?”

“I’m a hooker.”

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