How would you feel if a mysterious young woman showed up at your work, claiming to be your sister?

Well, you’re about to find out, because that’s what’s going to happen to you in 4 minutes time when you enter Elle2’s new sub-simulation: The Sister.

READER: “great… but what’s a sub-simulation?”

It’s a spin-off from the life-simulator, ‘Redo’.  Spin-offs allow users who aren’t part of the True Feminization program to experience some of its interactive stories.


READER: “Why does the user have a score if it’s just a story?”

You can ignore the score aspect if you choose. It is related to the Perfect Girl paradigm which Elle’s students/slaves follow.

READER: “Is there any NSFW content?”

While this is not erotic fiction, there are sometimes graphic images and videos that depict lesbian acts. You must be 18 to enter this sub-simulation. Click the launch button to enter.

P.S. This is an ongoing project. It will not be finished for many months.


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