Sissy or Gay? Or both?

Okay, ‘sissy’ maybe a multi use term, but your consistent leaning towards men as sexual partners leads us to think that ‘gay’ or ‘bi’ is a better term for you. But of course…gay is beautiful: so be proud!

While sissies, crossdreamers and crossdressers often fantasize about men, these men are often (but not always) props in a deeper fantasy about being female. Your answers seem to indicate that what’s important is that you have a man in front of you – not that you are female.

If however, the female role is important to you then you have fallen through the cracks of the test and the result is inaccurate. But remember: it’s the journey not the destination that’s important, so use the test to think about your sexuality and gender – all in the service of self-knowledge.

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