Sissy subculture and masochism…

Although submission is a common component of sissy fantasy, it is only one of several. Your answers indicate, however, that submission is the prime energy source of your sexuality.

The most accurate sexological term for your sexual behaviour is, therefore, ‘masochism’. The biggest turn-on for a masochist is humiliation and servitude…and this indeed seems to be your biggest turn-on.

Sissification provides us with some insight into the differences between gender-centred sexuality and masochist-centred. Whereas a ‘sissy’ would be turned on by the intense femininity of a french maids uniform in of itself – the masochist is turned on by the humiliation of a male being forced to wear such a feminine article.

However, it is well known that every human being usually has three or four sexual preferences that turn them on, so it is common for a gender-centred sissy to get turned on by the humiliation of masochist centred behaviour and vice versa. Therefore, the best description for you might be a ‘sissy with a strong interest in masochism’.

However, this test is not remotely scientific and the results maybe entirely wrong, so just use it as food for thought. All we want is that you think about your sexuality and gender in the interests of self knowledge.

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