20 important questions in life: 11

Pause for thought…

You can disagree if you want, but your choice of job is more important than your choice of spouse. For a start, most people meet their future spouse at work, so if you end up in a bum job you’ll likely end up with a bum spouse.

Putting love to one side, we spend more waking time at work than with our husbands, kids or anyone else, so It’s essential you make the right choice! Therefore…

What job will you be doing in 2030?

But what do you do – for example – if you want to be an actor but you need to pay your rent? In this common scenario of ambition versus reality you end up doing a job and have no time to act.

These are all challenges we face when building a life-plan. The final result must be, though, that your plan contains a clear pathway to your profesional future. S

What are 3 things you’re doing this week to bring about your 2030 job?

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