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Teaching a transgirl about everything related to bras!

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The main thing a new transgirl needs to know about bras is just how much they cost. My God in heaven with all the angels!!! How can they extract so much money from us for something so basic?

Well, it turns out there’s an answer. First, there’s a long established practice of charging women more than men (seriously, it’s called ‘the pink tax.’ Read this article in The Independent. For example – if supermarkets create a generic deodorant then they put extra price for the women’s versioin.)

The second reason, though, is that a bra is quite complex to make. Well, more complex than other garments.

Anyway, now I’ve got that rant out the way, let’s talk about bra size. As you will see – it’s a pretty simple vector that moves along two measurements.

Now let’s look at different types of bras…

Okay…thanks for reading… See you next week


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