The difference between a crossdreamer and a sissy…

Your dreams centre on a female self that goes way beyond the superficial femininity of sissy fantasy. And although you might maintain an outward appearance of masculinity, you know that there’s a part of you that’s forever female.

Crossdreamers live somewhere in the space that lies between (or maybe beyond) sissy and transgender. They recognize a strong sexual component to their crossgender behaviour but see it as more than sex.

Ultimately, however, the crossdreamer continues to live and present as their biological gender. This could be because their male self is just as strong as their female self, or because they don’t see transition as practical

To conclude, this test is not remotely scientific and the results maybe entirely wrong, so just use it as food for thought. Ultimately, we got your attention by promising a label…but it’s much better to think about your sexuality and gender in the interests of self knowledge.

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