Join The Kitsune Fem-cult and undergo True Feminization

The following pages are designed to lure you to The Sissy Farm – a training facility where Mistress Elle reconditions sissies in a 3 step process…

  • 1. Destruction of their masculinity through intense humiliation and sissification.
  • 2. The birth of their true feminine self through hyper-feminization.
  • 3. Initiation into her secret organization – The Kitsune Fem Cult.

Once initiated, the sissy is inked with the cult’s tattoos, surgically feminized, and put to work.

Surgery usually involves so called ‘bimbofication’ such as large breasts, to ensure that – whether working as a waitress, secretary or call-girl – she’ll be a good little earner.

Do you think you could be a good little earner?

There’s only one route to The Kitsune Fem Cult: you must pass through the terrifying dungeons of The Sissy Farm. Click the green button below to enter…