The heterosexual sissy…

Sorry, my beautiful friend…but you’re not an authentic sissy…you’re a part time dabbler. Your answers reflect an erotic interest in sissy subculture but a lack of the filth and commitment that characterizes the true sissy.

People with your test score are ‘kink-surfers’…which means that you’re a hetero guy with a spicy kink on the side. Personally, I wouldn’t complain…it means you have something about your sexuality that’s more interesting than a regular dude…but you can still cut it with the boys.

However, if you have ‘I’m a sissy’ tattooed on your butt and are disappointed to be excluded from the ranks of sissyhood, please remember that this test is not remotely scientific and the results maybe entirely wrong, so just use it as food for thought about your sexuality and gender.

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