The AIC principle: Alcohol Isn’t Coke

One of the best ways to reduce your drinking is to learn about the science of intoxication and the pointlessness – in terms of buzz – of banging down drink after drink.

You see, alcohol induces the logic of all pleasure inducing drugs…

“I feel good…therefore I should have another dose – i.e. another drink.”

However, whereas stimulants like cocaine get better with each dose, the quality of the alcohol-high declines with each drink. Therefore, the last thing you should do when you feel good from a couple of drinks is bang down a third one, soon after.

This is because alcohol initially acts like a stimulant; however, it’s a hypnotic sedative and the more you drink, the more quickly the high mutates from stimulating to mongy. It’s this hypnotic phase which takes you to that place I call ‘the twat zone’ where you start slurring your words, getting angry at your boy/girlfriend, doing things you’ll regret.

While you may have physical energy and be dancing/shouting, a number of key brain functions are sedated… i.e. monged… i.e. all messed up.

The best thing you can do with alcohol is have a break of one hour after two or three drinks. In this period, you should drink a cola or a coffee or nothing.

During the hour’s break, some of the initial dose of ethanol will have been metabolized by the liver. Therefore, when you return to drinking an hour later, you’ll find that it picks you up and is more on the buzzy, stimulant side than the hypnotic.

Understanding the AIC principle (alcohol isn’t coke) is important because drinkers constantly follow the logic that it is coke…and try to increase the buzz or maintain the buzz by upping the dosage.

However, it’s impossible. All you will do is get less and less sharp and more and more mongy. More importantly, it leads you to drink the quantities of alcohol that you know are not good for your physical health, your mental health and your relationships.


The AIC principle is based on two scientific facts…

  • The drug ethanol – i.e. alcohol – is from the same family as heroine and valium and all that other dozy, mongy crap.
  • It takes the liver approximately 1 hour and a half to metabolise a strong pint – therefore, all you’re doing by banging down more drinks is establishing a huge backlog of unmetabolized ethanol waiting to fuck you up more and more. And not in a good way.

Coach Conrad’s Strategy: Replace every second/third drink with a soft drink. Have a break for at least half an hour (preferably one hour or ideally – ninety minutes.) And remember – banging down drinks is pointless if you want a good quality high with good conversations and a great night.


My name’s Felix Conrad. I’m a lifestyle coach. No psycho-babble…no bullshit…just practical solutions!

While my services should never replace those of medically qualified individuals, I help people with addiction, gender dysphoria, stagnation, and poor communication skills, to organize their lives in a more effective way.


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