Hi, I’m Anna Kamari, style editor of Tmovement, which might make you wonder why I’m writing about names. Well, if you are wondering then you need to get your head out of the clouds, girl, because you’re tripping!

Your name is one of the most important expressions of your style, your philosophy and your attitude…and unlike ciskids…we get to choose ours.

As some Shakespeare dude said..what’s in a name? I’ll tell you – EVERYTHING!

So, we all know name’s are important…but what name do we choose?

Well, when we started talking about this topic I had no idea that I would end up talking to linguists, graphic artists, new Mums and a whole bunch of other people. After much deliberation and voting in the virtual office…these are the top 5 names for transgender girls and truegender women 2017.

Thanks to Candy, Felix, Francesca, Elle, Katherine Burtt.

NUMBER 5: Damaris


Damaris explained:

If you want to outplay celebrities with an unusual name, go for Damaris.

The first mention of Damaris is in the New Testament, referring to a woman who lived in Athens, Greece. She was an upper class woman who converted to Christianity after hearing a speech by Saint Paul.

The origins of the name are fiercely disputed with some believing it’s a Greek version of of the Celtic name, Damara, the goddess of fertility, while others believe it has an Indo-European root and it means ‘dominant woman.’ Well, this is the age of post truth, baby…so you can just make up the origins yourself!

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NUMBER 4: Ellie

Ellie is a shortened form of Eloise, Eliana and Elena.

Eloise is from the Old French name Héloïse, which in turn came from from the Germanic name Helewidis which means ‘healthy’. However, some linguists claim it comes from the Greek word helios for ‘sun’.

If your choosing it as short for the name, Elena, then it’s a variant of the Greek name Helen/e. Helen was the most beautiful woman in all of Greece…mind you, if the Greek women then looked anything like the Greek woman who cleans my apartment in Brooklyn…that’s not saying much. (Sorry…a silly joke I know;) )

Interestingly, no one knows the origins of the name, Helen, but some people think it is connected to the Greek, Selene… which means ‘moon’. Wow, between Eloise and Elena…you’ve got the moon and the sun…that’s a truly cosmic name.

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Transgirl asks for advice on what name to choose.

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  1. I picked the name that suits my inner and outer) sissy gurl ..and that name is Andrea Tiffany . …..or for short andie. Tiff..

    • I just find this hilariously ironic since “Andrea” means “Manly”

  2. I’m not so sure that that’s the best source for inspiration if you’re a trans woman trying to decide what your new name shall be.

    By all means study lists of the most popular names. But study the lists for years as close as possible to the year you were born, not the current year! It will look wrong if you pick a name which was rare when you were born but became much more popular later.

  3. I just chose my name because I wanted a name that was cute and energetic, and it just came to my head.
    BTW, it sounds a lot like your name, Candy OwO

  4. I take jasmine remenber aladin movie she was pretty and sexy

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