Today’s bimbo makes her defining assets pretty clear; the basic philosophy is ‘think big’…

– big boobs
– big lips
– big butt

However, our behavioral programming team has identified 45 traits, gestures and characteristics that make up the complete suite of bimbo behaviors.

Many of these behaviors are tiny details. However, taken together they form an essential part of bimbofication.

That’s why we’re launching micro-bimbofication updates for The True Feminization program.

These updates will be coded into short ‘flash-feminization’ videos. (It should be noted that many of these behaviors are not unique to the bimbo, but also for girly-girls.)

Micro-Bimbofication – Update 1: Flawless Hair-flips

A well timed and well executed hair-flip is ultra sexy and ultra feminine.

The behavior department has done an excellent job with this update ‘flawless flicks’. Install it… and become a hair-flip expert.

(Be sure to press the square and use headphones!)


For more information on The True Feminization program, please click on the image below.

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  1. I’m super excited to keep growing out my hair and working on my flawless flips to entice the studs. I’m sure it will help bring in more money for Mistress! To become a big lip, big boob, big butt bimbo sex puppet we have to think micro and flawless first. I’m sooo looking forward to learning more!

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