Sissy Survey: What breast size would you like?

Now that you've seen all the various breast sizes, choose which size implants you want surgeons at The Sissy Farm to insert into your body. (Please leave a comment in the comments section about why you chose your preferred size.)

Hi, today we’re thinking about breast augmentation surgery for transgender women. Through various trans women on the videos below, you can answer questions like:

What is the ideal breast size?

(Subjective. And bear in mind that if you did want really big ones you’d have to increase in implements over time as your body adjusts.)

Is it necessary to take hormones before having implants?

(yes, unless you want the proceedure to be much more painful and less likely to succeed aesthetically.)

What is the average cost of a boobjob?

(Approx 5000 dollars plus extra costs associated with anaesthetics and follow up consults)

How long does it take to recover from breast augmentation surgery?

(Approx 7 to 14 days and your breasts will be very sore and swolen for about five days after. For a few weeks you’ll then have to chill on the heavy lifting and gym but after 6 weeks you can get back to normal.)

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