1. While going for a walk in your knee-highs and mini-skirt, a passing driver mistakes you for a prostitute. Do you...

2. How would you describe you're relationship to masturbation?

3. A friend takes you to a bukkake party. Ten minutes before it starts, the girl cancels. Do you…

4. When you think of your ultimate fantasy... how many dicks does it involve?

5. What is the most important thing you want to achieve with your life?

6. A beautiful girl from the office invites you to her house. When you go to the toilet you notice her laundry basket. Do you..?

7. What job would you most like to have?

8. Your girlfriend says she's leaving you for a muscular, well hung black man, who she refers to as 'Daddy'. You feel...

9. One day you meet a really pretty girl. You immediately start...

10 (Final question) For you, lingerie and sexy clothing are...

This is the final question. Get ready for the results.

Sissy Quiz: Just how dirty are you?
You are a sick, debauched sissy beyond all hope of redemption. Seek help now!

You are a cum craving, cockaholic, filthy little sissy. Clearly, the best place for you would be in a back alley brothel - where you can quench your endless thirst for cock by providing 1-dollar blow jobs (and throwing in your anus for free.) A bona fide shameless sissy.
My God, you really are a dirty little sissy... but there's hope for you!

Your vile appetite for humiliation and the consumption of semen, marks you out as a truly filthy sissy. However, some of your answers show a level of restraint and remorse. It's incredibly faint and distant, but with chastity, a gleaming maid's uniform and reconditioning, you can be converted into a well behaved sissy who keeps its hands away from its clit and more focused on serving a master.
Invalid Test. Our algorithm has detected false answers.

Let's get one thing clear: a sissy needs to exhibit certain appetites to be regarded as a sissy. Your answers, however, show little evidence of such behavior. But the fact that you hang around sites like this, means that you must be a sissy. This leads us to conclude that you lied on your test! Don't try and play the goody two shoes...you're a filthy little sissy just like the rest!
Congratulations - you are a well balanced sissy! Not too dirty - not too vanilla!

You are that rare species of sissy: submissive and dirty but with a measure of restraint that marks you out as the perfect maid or secretary to serve an alpha mistress. Most sissies are either too cum thirsty (and act in an unseemly manner) or too frightened to perform oral/anal when push comes to shove. You however have the perfect little mouth/slit to serve your superiors with modest efficiency. You're horny....but controlled; dirty...but honest; and are clearly cognizant of what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

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