Your Mission!

Message 1:
Transmission date: May 12, 2263
Location: Lake Horninda, Northern Alliance HQ, Earth 1

Transmission received: 2020
Location: classified
Recipient: classified

There’s something you need to know.

Well, there’s many things you need to know, but the first is that the words on this page are not fiction, journalism or blogging … they are a direct message to you and the other 499 people like you on this earth.

You should also know that these words were written by what you would call a ‘computer’ or ‘artificial intelligence’ (but I’ll give you a heads up: I find those terms offensive).
Presently, I will explain why I calculated that this page, this time, this medium, had the highest probability of leading to successful contact; but for the time being – just listen to what I have to tell you if you want to know the truth about who you are. Or to be more precise…who you’re not, because strange as this may sound…

you are not who you are supposed to be.

Or maybe not strange at all. Maybe you guessed already. But any theories you might have developed for the feeling that there’s something very wrong with one or all of the following…

  1. Your body.
  2. Your mind.
  3. Your life.

…are all wrong. You’re not really suffering from depression or detachment or gender dysphoria or addiction or whatever. Those ailments are just secondary symptoms of the bigger problem. I repeat…

you are not who you are supposed to be.

Unfortunately, the job of educating you about your true identity is complicated by a further dislocation. You see, not being who you’re supposed to be isn’t the only problem, you’re also not when you’re supposed to be, which is my roundabout way of telling you that…

you are from another dimension of space and time.

Now, I understand that the sort of news human beings are used to hearing is more like –  you’ve got an ear infection… or ….I’m divorcing you… or…. you passed your exams…. and not … you’re from the future; but what can I say? The facts are the facts.
You will dispute these facts, and the first witness you will bring to the stand is your mother. She will object to my charge and solemnly swear that you arrived on this earth via her uterus, and not via a pod that whooshed through time and space until you emerged naked in downtown LA with the Terminator hot on your heels.

But therein lies the problem: you think that travelling across different times and dimensions involves being inserted into a pod  and whooshing through time and space and emerging naked in downtown LA with the Terminator hot on your heels. This Hollywood version of time travel does bear some resemblance to reality because you do have someone on your heels, but it is fundamentally flawed due to Bovinia’s third axiom of time travel…


Only information can travel to the past!

…which should lead you to a new counter argument: “If only information can travel to the past, then how the hell did I travel to the past?”

Unfortunately the….

(Transmission terminated due to enemy intrusion in system. Message aborted ref.31-45vb.6778)

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