We all have a destiny, and yours is to become a bimbo.

You seem to have forgotten that, so we’re taking measures to remind you.

You’re not going to be a lawyer or a doctor or an entrepreneur, filling the world with good deeds. You’re going to be a pretty little bimbo, filling your body with silicone.

It’s time to get back to reality…

Back to bimbo.


  1. Watch the 10 second video below on loop until your brain turns to candy floss and the following words repeat inside your brain: “I must become a bimbo.”
  2. Assimilate all images below the video, repeating the prescribed words.
  3. Watch the full version of the video: bimbofication express.

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Josipa Karimović
Desiree Jordan
Alena Omovych

Abby Dowse
Twitter – ElleMatthewsMod

Khloe Knowells
Sabrina Ianniciello

Onlyfans – kasssienkaofficial

Floriana Messina Maradona
Julianne Kissinger

Twitter and TikTok – BrunetteBunnny
Savanna rehm

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A journey of a thousand CCs of silicon, begins with a single step. Tap the image above and begin exploring Elle’s world of bimbofication.
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