One of the defining features of Mistress Elle’s True Feminization program is that it is dynamic, rather than static.

This means that it is constantly updated, improved and tweaked.

This month’s update is as cruel as it is controversial: The Mistress is programming her new slaves with body dysmorphia in order to ensure that they can never leave their life of bondage and servitude at the sissy Farm.


Above: a sensory bimbo overload. Just one of many tools used by The Mistress.

What Is Body Dysmorphia?

Everybody has an internal map of their external bodies in their brain. And of course, this map accurately reflects their anatomy.


However, there are numerous examples where something in the map goes wrong and doesn’t accurately reflect the anatomy.
For example…

1. Diseases such as anorexia, where the person sees themselves as overweight when they are not.
2. Phenomena such as phantom limbs (where the amputee still feels a limb that isn’t there).
3. Massive exaggeration of slight physical defects (such as a spot or the size of one’s nose) causing the person to obsess over the defect and literally see it as more prominent than it is.

The Method

Using this knowledge, and combining it with the predisposition of the gender variant to believe that their body is not their true body, Mistress Elle has conceived a dastardly strategy for her new slaves: the installation of a brand new body map…

… of a hyper feminine, large breasted bimbo.

From the moment they step outside of the orientation center where the reprogramming takes place, the new slave believes in its brain that its body and face are that of a hyperfeminine, large breasted bimbo.

The Consequences

However, every time they look in the mirror and see that they are not in fact, a hyperfeminine large breasted bimbo, the slave feels disgust at its masculinity and an intense craving for bimbofication.

Making their body reflect their inner body map now becomes the prime objective of their entire personality, thus making it much easier for the Mistress to lure them into a life of slavery and prostitution that will pay for said bimbofication (and earn the Mistress a tidy profit).

Dangerous Material

For the protection of vulnerable readers, I dare not put more than 30 seconds of this mind bending body-dysmorphia inducing material on the page.

Whatever you do, do not watch it and then join the True Feminization program looking for more of this dangerous material!  It will lead to an irrepressible hunger for bimbofication and a life of stripping, escorting and prostitution.

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  1. Thank you for sharing what it feels like, actually this happened to me a long time ago and while at the beginning i was a bit confused, now i have to accept that i like to be a sissy bimbo slave. Thank you!

  2. Kerrie Topside Reply

    Want to sign up. New to this coming out of the closet for first time

    • When we go through long periods without publishing any new content it means that we’re focusing on the True Feminization program. Over the next couple of months we will return to free content.

  3. Hello.
    I came across your website by accident and I absolutely love it.
    I’m too old for this now, but wished the internet and this site was around when I was a young vulnerable boy.
    Love it.

    Yours clive

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